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ArcGIS 10 System Requirements


ESRI has published the ArcGIS 10 system requirements and hardware recommendations. For all of you Window XP users, you’ll need to be at XP Service Pack 3 to install Desktop 10, with Minimum CPU is a 2.2 Ghz and minimum memory is 2 GB. ESRI says ArcGIS 10 available for partner download on June, 21 2010, public download on June, 28 2010.

NOTE: Use the following system requirements as a guideline for planning purposes. These system requirements are subject to change before the final release of ArcGIS 10.

  • Supported Operating System
Supported Operating System Minimum




Windows 2003 Server Standard, Enterprise & Datacenter (32-bit and 64-bit (EM64T)) SP2 SP2
Windows 2003 Server Terminal Services SP2 SP2
Windows 2008 Server Standard, Enterprise & Datacenter (32-bit and 64-bit (EM64T)) SP2
Windows 2008 R2 Server Standard, Enterprise & Datacenter (64-bit (EM64T))
Windows 7 Ultimate, Professional, Home Premium (32-bit and 64-bit (EM64T))
Windows Vista Ultimate, Enterprise, Business, Home Premium (32-bit and 64-bit (EM64T)) SP1 SP2
Windows XP Professional Edition, Home Edition (32-bit) SP3 SP3
Windows XP Professional Edition, Home Edition (64-bit (EM64T)) SP2 SP2
  • Hardware Requirements
ArcInfo, ArcView, ArcEditor
CPU Speed 2.2 GHz dual core or higher
Processor Intel Core Duo, Pentium 4 or Xeon Processors

See Dual or dual-core support policy

Memory/RAM 2 GB or higher
Display Properties 24 bit color depth
Screen Resolution 1024 x 768 recommended or higher at Normal size (96dpi)
Swap Space Determined by the operating system, 500 MB minimum.
Disk Space 2.4 GB
In addition, up to 50 MB of disk space maybe needed in the Windows System directory (typically C:\Windows\System32). You can view the disk space requirement for each of the 10.0 components in the Setup program.

If using ArcGlobe (as part of 3D Analyst), additional disk space may be required. ArcGlobe will create cache files when used.

Video/Graphics Adapter Check your computer’s ability to run ArcGIS 3D Analyst & ArcGlobe
24-bit capable graphics accelerator

An OpenGL 2.0 or higher compliant video card is required, with at least 128 MB of video memory, however 512 MB of video memory or higher is recommended.

Networking Hardware Simple TCP/IP, Network Card or Microsoft Loopback Adapter is required for the License Manager.
  • Software Requirements
  • .NET Framework 3.5 SP1 must be installed prior to installing ArcGIS Desktop.
  • Internet Explorer Requirement:
    • Some features of ArcGIS Desktop require a minimum installation of Microsoft Internet Explorer Version 7.0 or 8.0. If you do not have an installation of Microsoft Internet Explorer Version 7.0/8.0, you must obtain and install it prior to installing ArcGIS Desktop.
  • Python Requirement for Geoprocessing:
    Several ArcGIS geoprocessing tools, such as Multiple Ring Buffer, use the Python scripting language and require that Python is installed. If the ArcGIS Desktop, Engine or Server setups do not find Python 2.6.2 on the target computer, it will install Python 2.6.2 plus Numerical Python 1.3.0 during a typical or complete installation. You may choose a Custom installation to unselect the Python feature to avoid installing this feature. See the install guide for additional information concerning Python.
  • Microsoft WinHelp patch for Windows 7 and Windows Vista:
    The following Microsoft patch is recommended, but not required, when using ArcGIS Desktop, ArcInfo Workstation, ArcGIS Engine or ArcReader on Microsoft Vista or Windows 7. ArcGIS Desktop, ArcInfo Workstation, ArcGIS Engine and ArcReader provide pop-up context sensitive help topics for tools, commands and dialogs delivered using WinHlp32. WinHlp32 won’t function on Windows 7 and Windows Vista without this patch. Here is Microsoft KnowledgeBase article 917607about this patch, which also contains links so you can download the patch. If you access pop-up context sensitive help without this patch being present, you’ll get a message from Windows prompting you to download the patch. For best usability we recommend installing the patch at the time you install ArcGIS. For additional information, please refer to ESRI KowledgeBase article 32530.
  • Printer Support

ArcGIS supports printing to any Microsoft certified Windows printer using the native driver in ArcGIS. Please note that some printer drivers do not support complex maps and the ArcPress printer driver or additional hardware may be needed for these complex maps.

  • ESRI recommends the following configuration when printing large maps with the ArcPress printer drivers:
    • If large complex maps do not print, then reboot the computer to ensure the pagefile system is cleared. If the pagefile system is not a dedicated drive or partition, make sure that drive does not need to be defragmented.
    • Disk Space: at least 10 GB of free space is required on the drive where %TEMP% is located, as potentially large temporary files will be written there while ArcPress is processing a map for printing.

    Via ArcGIS Resource Center

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