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[Video] GPS Mapping with ArcPad and Trimble Course


ArcPad TrainingIf you use ArcPad on a Trimble GPS unit, you have the option to post-process the GPS data for high accuracy results. This course will show you how. You will learn the proper workflows and how to use the tools in ArcPad and GPSCorrect in the field as well as Trimble’s GPS Analyst extension for ArcGIS and GPS Pathfinder Office in the office to perform your post-processing.

You will see and learn how to take your GIS into the field, collect new data, update existing data, seamlessly integrate the new data with your geodatabase and do all of your GPS post-processing.

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Introduction & Overview of Products
Module 1a: Overview of ArcPad & Workflows
Module 1b: The ArcPad Interface
Module 2: Configuring ArcPad for GPS
Module 3: Using ArcPad in the Field
Module 4: The Quick Project Workflow
Module 5: GeoDB Check-Out/In Workflow
Module 6-1: Trimble Software & DGPS
Module 6-2: Preparing Data for ArcPad
Module 6-3: Checking in Field Data
Module 6-4: Post-Processing – GPS Analyst
Module 6-5: Post-Processing – Pathfinder Office
Conclusion, Tips, & Resources


Skills Acquired
* Install & configure your GPS unit & software
* Workflows for ArcPad when post-processing
* Achieve the best GPS data accuracy possible
* Design & GPS enable your GIS database
* Preparing data for ArcPad
* Use ArcPad for field data collection and update
* Post-processing your GPS data

Total Running Time: 4 hours 30 minutes. This course is available individually for $197

Want to See a Sample of GPS Mapping with ArcPad and Trimble Course?

This sample is Lesson 1 – Fundamentals of GPS from our Intro to GPS Technology course


To learn more about GPS Mapping with ArcPad and Trimble Course, visit www.GISTrainingVideos.com.

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