How to Use Open Source LAStools Software to Process LiDAR Data


LASTools is an open source software for rapid converting, filtering, viewing, gridding, and compressing of LiDAR Data. This video below, Martin Isenburg demonstrates how to use his open source LAStools software to process LiDAR data.

arcgis toolbox for lidar

Now ArcGIS toolbox for LiDAR also available. The LiDAR processing toolbox for ArcGIS adds extremely efficient LiDAR capabilities to the 9.3, 10.0, and 10.1 version accessible through the familiar interface of the flagship product of ESRI.

From this video below, Martin Isenburg used LAStools to create canopy height maps, forest density grids, and showed that the LiDAR that was already owned by the municipal government of the Canary Islands could be used to significantly improve their photogrammetrically derived DTMs as we discover elevation differences of up to 25 meters where entire hills and valleys had been hiding under the canopy of the dense local pine.

Download LASTools here