MSP Geotrans 3.2 Geographic Translator


Geotrans 3.2 has been released. Geotrans is the coordinate conversion application or a geographic translator program among a wide variety of coordinate systems, map projections, and datums. Geotrans runs in Microsoft Windows, LINUX and UNIX environments. GEOTRANS can also be used to convert large numbers of coordinates contained in either text files (.txt) or comma separated values (.csv).

To convert a set of coordinates, simply select the coordinate system or map projection, the datum, in which your coordinates are defined, then enter the source coordinates, select the coordinate system or map projection, and the datum, to which you want the coordinates to be converted, and click on the Convert button. The resulting coordinates will be displayed.
The following software was last updated February, 2012

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The full user’s manual can be found in the directory ./geotrans3/docs/ after downloading and unzipping the file.